Atomic Bits Name Plates

Take a look at Atomic Bits Custom Resin 3d Printed Name Plates. There are With 100's of different options to truly make your name plates unique to you and give your characters, squads and armies that special touch. For use with many different gaming systems, if you need 40k Name plates, Age of Sigmar Name Plates, Necromunda Name Plates and more. With many varrying shapes and sizes of base in development. Creating your custom name plates couldn't be easier.
Custom Name Plates
Pick Your Name Plate
First off you want to pick one of our custom name plates, from super simple to ones with all bells and whistles. Depending on which you go for, you'll have a number of customisations you can make . . . . . check out our store!
1. Pick from a wide selection of different FONTS to get the theme right for your name plates. The FONT you select will be used for both the BANNER (1) and the NAME (2).

2. Enter the NAMES of your fearless gang, solo hero or squad of warriros.

Make sure you stay within the character limit as detailed in each description.
3. A large number of name plates have a number of DECORATIONS (3) to choose from to suit all table top games. When you select your DECORATION, they will appear on both sides of your name plate
Necromunda Custom Name Plates
4. Choose your QUANTITY of name plates, this must be equal to or more than the number of NAMES you have entered. If you order more than you have entered NAMES, the remaining name plates will be printed blank.
Sit Back and Wait
5. We have a streamlined printing process and stringent quality control. We advise up to 5 working days for orders to be prepared, printed, quality checked and then posted.
6. Wonder if we can squeeze that extra character on your 40k Name Plates or do something a bit different with your Age Of Sigmar Name Plates? Get in touch.

We are set up for some adjustments and allow for extra space in our advertised set ups.

We have more support, check out our FAQ's.