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I wanted to devote and area of the website to my sources and references of inspiration, support and hobbying to provide others with ideas on where you too might want to look for your hobby support. If you've taken a look at the "About Us" page, then you'll already know that I got into wargaming around the beginning of Warhammer 40k 2nd edition properly (but had some interest in the rogue trader days).

I then took a massive break and came back to it sporadically in-between, but more full on at the beginning of Warhammer 40k 8th edition. It was daunting for me coming back into it so I imaging for someone brand new, it will be the same so I want to share the sites, companies and sources that helped me along the way. This will be an ever growing section and I'll add more as I uncover and make use of more areas. I've since got into other gaming systems such as Necromunda, Kill Team and Battlefleet Gothic. 

Please note, I am not affiliated with any of the individuals or companies listed below.

Warhammer 40k

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war!
Lexicanum Logo


A great fan-made encyclopaedia for all your Warhammer 40k needs. It's a great source of lore and provides an insight into every aspect of the 40k universe. Whether this is the Horus Heresy, the many different races that exist or the timeline and the strife being experienced in the 40k universe now.
Tabletop Tactics Logo

Tabletop Tactics

A great source of battle reports, insight, discussion and tips around everything 40k. Has something for everyone from relaxed friendly games to competitive league games.

Some great banter takes place throughout the games and has very regular content.

StrikingScorpion82 Logo


Another battle report channel. This was the very first channel I started watching when I got into 40k.

The battle mat setups are amazing and good to ease into and learn 40k again. Very regular content and product reviews to for everything hobby related.


All you got down here is your word. You hold to it, or you're nothing at all.
Yaktribe Logo


Only one link for Necromunda I hear you say? You only need one link.

When I got into Necromunda and came across Yaktribe I was blown away. You can manage your gang, league or campaign all here. Community led with forums and everything. trust me, check it out.

Battlefleet Gothic

The whole principle of naval fighting is to be free to go anywhere with every damned thing the Navy possesses.
Soul Forge Studios Logo

Soul Forge Studios

Never played Battlefleet Gothic when I was younger, always liked the idea just never happened. Now I'm getting into it I looked at various ways to get ships and SFS have it nailed down.

They are by far the best value for money with incredible ships and a big community on discord to go with it.
Specialist Games Logo

Specialist Games

A great source of reference and guidance on everything Battlefleet Gothic as well as a community.

You'll find the community developed BFG rules here along with links to the BFG XR rule set.
Sepulchre Of Heroes Logo

Sepulchre Of Heroes

A very active community and reference point for everything BFG.

Whilst BFG isn't the only thing in focus at the site, I've found the BFG elements very useful and you could also get support for other gaming systems in other areas of their site.

General Hobbying

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war!
Greenstuff World Logo

Greenstuff World

A fantastic place to get everything for your hobby needs.

You need it, they got. 
You never knew you needed it, they got it.

You can literally get everything you need here. They are based in Spain but they do have partnerships with UK retailers too.
Tabletop Minions Logo

Tabletop Minions

A great channel for general hobbying discussion, insight and learning.

Very down to earth and takes topics down to the basics. Great for new and experienced alike and covers a wide range of different topics within the hobbying world.
Amera Logo


Amera provide terrain for various tabletop gaming systems.

Hands down the number one reason these are in this section are their battlefield craters. They have a fantastic selection and the quality is unreal.

There other stuff looks good too by the way.

The Magnet Shop Logo

The Magnet Shop

The Magnet Shop provide magnet for all your hobby storage needs.

Came across these whilst putting together storage boxes using really useful boxes and ferus metal sheets.

These two items together make fantastic storage solutions.