Who We Are?

Here at Atomic Bits we are two avid collectors of various tabletop games including Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar. Supporting our customers with top quality bits is what we do best and we are extremely passionate about modelling, kitbashing, painting and gaming just as much as you.

Atomic bits is not a job to us, it's a lifestyle and something we love.

Collecting since our youth, 2nd edition was where it all started. I remember back then needing a plastic power fist for a squad I was making and at the time, the only plastic power fist was in a Space Wolves squad, I was surprised but I bought the squad and got to modelling, how things have changed.

Our goal at Atomic Bits is to be well known in the modelling, kitbashing, painting and gaming arena and to achieve this, we need to
seize the initiative and roll a 6.

The community and the future of the gaming world looks very promising.

We are looking forward to watching it grow and supplying you with all the bits you need.

What Makes It Tick?

Madness? Succumbing to the black rage? Turned by the forces of Chaos? or just for the love?

Removing bits, organising, storing and packaging takes a lot of work. Ever tried to remove the bits from 100 sprues in 1 go?

We want to be able to provide a source of parts for fellow gamers, modellers and kitbashers so that you can create whatever your imagination can envisage. Going back to the story about the power fist, we want you to be able to buy the bit you need so you don't have all those unsused bits.

The best part of our role here is the feedback we receive, this is what really drives us a team to push the brand forward is all the positive comments you guys make. 

There are big plans for the future of Atomic Bits as stock continues to grow and our customer base increases at a rapid rate. 

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